Many of the millions of Germans, who immigrated to the United States during the 19th Century, helped build New York’s Little Germany.    Before the start of the American Civil War, Manhattan hosted the third largest German population of any metropolis in the world.  The citizens of Little Germany were among the entrepreneurs that changed New York and America. [click to continue…]



Rauänchte is Germany’s Original Twelve Days of Christmas.  Well before the miracle in Bethlehem, German tribes celebrated the Winter Solstice in late December.  As Christianity spread through Europe, Christ’s birthday was neatly inserted in the ancient pagan ceremony.  Rauänchte, like the song, became a dozen days of Christmas giving. [click to continue…]


German Christmas Bulbs

December 10, 2012

Like many yuletide traditions, German artists created the first glass Christmas bulbs.   Whether it is   decorated bulbs, hanging from evergreens, or the twinkling lights, illuminating the holiday, these ornaments originated in the Ore Mountains in eastern Germany.   What few know is an American entrepreneur pulled this fragile gem from the battlefields of two world wars, [...]

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German Beer Bike

July 17, 2012

Imagine a mobile party of 10 enjoying a brew as they pedal down a cobblestone street on a German Beer Bike.   Das Bier Bike, a beer pub on wheels, is now touring 35 German cities.    This pedal party is spinning across Europe and cruising through several American cities.   Municipalities are beginning to put the brakes [...]

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German Autobahn & Elderly Drivers

May 30, 2012

A growing number of elderly drivers add risks to themselves and others as they race along the high-speed German Autobahn.   Age diminishes all of our skills, but the driving dangers multiply at 180 km/h, or 80 mph.  Given 20% of the voting Deutsch populations is 65 or older, do not expect many changes in laws [...]

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Saint Patrick’s Day In Germany

March 12, 2012

When Irish eyes are smiling, it is sometimes in Germany hoisting a Guinness on Saint Patrick’s Day.  When Dubliners or New Delhi travelers tire of sausage and Wiener schnitzel, the warmth and cheer of an Irish Pub is not far.   Saint Patrick’s Day in Germany may not be very green, but Irish magic is where [...]

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Glühwein – Holiday Glow, Inside and Out

December 11, 2011

While enjoying a German Christmas Market on a cold December evening, nothing beats a warm cup of Glühwein to ignite your holiday glow, inside and out.   This mulled red wine is similar to American mulled cider, only with a kick.

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Christkind Heralds The German Christmas Season

November 24, 2011

The Christkind, or Das Christkind, was created to separate the Protestant Reformation from Catholic traditions.  Over the centuries this gift bearer for German children became an ecumenical icon for the Christmas season.

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German Elves

November 22, 2011

German elves are far different than the joyful Santa helpers of today.  Depending on where you reside in Deutschland, Saint Nikolas’s helper is a devilish ghoul or a dirty kidnapper prepared to stuff children into a dusty coal bag.   The dark and dangerous German elves are embedded into the folklore celebrated during the Deutche yuletide [...]

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German Autobahn Clogged By Freight

July 7, 2011

Average speeds on Germany’s legendary autobahn highway system are slowing due to increasing freight traffic.  As trade with the world’s second largest exporter grows, more freight haulers share the lanes with Mercedes and ‘Bimmers.’  New technology will shift some of the highway cargo to German high speed rail.

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