Mayonnaise & Pommes Frites

by Mark F. Weber on January 19, 2011

Germans enjoy pommes frites, or what Americans call French Fries.  Hold the ketchup.  Mayonnaise is the condiment of choice on German fries.

According the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the average German consumes about 135 pounds of potatoes each year, 10% more than Americans.  Both cultures enjoy deep fried potatoes.  The exception is condiments where Germans help themselves to sweet mayonnaise.

German pommes frites are thick and salty with a thin crisp layer covering a soft baked potato-like inside.  Vendors serve them in a paper cone.  The first adjustment ketchup-lovers must make is the mayo’s creamy white color.  Otherwise, the sweeter contrast and the salty fried potatoes is tasty and likely addicting.  Not to worry, ketchup is available.

A pommes frites stand in near the cathedral on the Heidelberg Alstadt in southeast Germany.  Walking around the huge square; munching on fries; gazing-up at the castle; and people-watching is a treat.  All that salt and exercise makes one thirsty.  Fortunately, there are a few nearby taverns.   Mayonnaise is good, but I prefer an ice cold beer with my pommes frites.

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